SAIB is an intimate cosmetics brand that designs safer, healthier, and more female-friendly sexual wellness products.

It was launched to move away from the current sexual wellness market targeting male pleasure and to redefine sexual wellness as a natural and healthy part of women's lives and self-care.

We believe in empowering women to take responsibility for their sexual health by openly discussing sexual wellness during the day.

SAIB's Promises

  1. Respect for Modern Femininity
    We reject outdated male-dominant ideologies and pioneer modern femininity.
  2. Empower Women with Pride
    We design products that empower women to buy, use, and carry with confidence.
  3. Simplicity by Eliminating the Unnecessary
    We keep product ingredients and messages to a simple minimum.
  4. Take Honest and Open Actions
    We believe it is important to fully disclose ingredients and supply chains for health and safety.
  5. Create Healthy and Female-Friendly Products
    We produce products using non-toxic natural ingredients for sexual health and well-being.

Campaign to Support Women

We will donate 10% of sales profits and 100% of the revenue from campaign products to various activities that positively impact women's lives.