SAIB is an Intimate Cosmetic brand that designs safer, healthier and female-friendlier sexual wellness products We founded SAIB to redefine sexual wellness as a natural and healthy part of women’s life and self-care and divert from the current sexual wellness market geared towards male pleasure. We believe open conversations about sexual wellness in the daylight would empower women to take charge of their sexual health. 

Our promise

  1. Embracing modern femininity
    We cultivate modern femininity that defies obsolete, patriarchal notions
  2. Making women proud
    We design products that women can feel confident and empowered buying, using, and carrying around
  3. Being simple with no frills
    We simplify our ingredients in and messages on our products to the bare essentials
  4. Being frank & open
    We believe in full disclosure of our ingredients and supply chain for your health and safety
  5. Keeping it healthy & female-friendly
    We make products with non-toxic, natural ingredients for your sexual health and well-being

Our campaign

We donate 10% of our sales profits and 100% of proceeds from campaign merchandise to various campaigns to create a positive impact on women’s lives.